The Fury

The Fisher Fury might just be the ultimate fun-to-drive car.

It combines supercar acceleration (0-60 in less than 4 seconds!) and race car handling with classic 60's sports car styling, all for a reasonable price.

The Fury is not for the person who only wants transportation to get from point A to point B. It is however definitely for the driver who enjoys the act of interacting with a true sports car.  If your requirements for a car include "necessities" such as six cup holders & one press power windows then please don't waste your time and ours. If however you crave the  precise feel of the tarmac through the steering wheel, the instant response of throttle and brakes, then we can offer you something that few other cars can acheive at any cost.

The excellent braking, handling and road holding characteristics of the Fury depend on a very light but rigid steel tube chassis. All tube ends are sealed and, to give greater strength in the central section, additional sheet metal is welded to the cockpit backs and footwells. The engine is placed well back in the frame for perfect weight distribution.

The front suspension is a race car style upper 'rocker' and lower wishbones. Inboard Spax coil over shock absorbers are used. Steering is by rack & pinion. The rear suspension is a fully independent double wishbone suspension. Spax coilovers provide accurate and well-damped motion control.

Some Fury Press Clippings:

"You can snap it into turns and it goes: no hesitation, tendency to understeer or anything else. It just grips and goes ...wonderful."

Kit Cars International

"The Fury has been an unquestionable hit with the kit buying public. A combination of traditional styling, competitive pricing and race bred handling has combined to produce one of those almost ageless designs."

Ian Stent, Which Kit

"The Fisher Fury is a great ambassador for the kit car industry because it offers high quality and exciting motoring at a modest cost...[It's] a very sweet handling car which will outperform vehicles costing two, three or even five times as much."

Peter Coxhead, Kit Car

"What more can you say about a kit car that has just about every accolade going, almost exhausting the dictionary supply of superlatives, is pretty enough to win beauty contests all day long and has taken 5 race championships to prove its point."

Ian Hyne, Kit Cars International